a letter from
Mrs. Meera Sushil Kumar

A Saree, one can make one's own. Unlike a stitched garment.

Deeply rooted in Indian ethos, to call a saree just a garment would be a true disservice. A significant and meaningful symbol of textile and style, a saree is perhaps the only clothing aside from the grand Kimonos of Japan, where fabric has been used with so much attention, skill and love.

Speaking volumes in multiple languages and regional cultures, and local fables turned into motifs, a saree unites India and creates a sisterhood.

The unique ability and magic of a saree is to truly become the wearer’s narrative. Each one can be traditional and familiar, it is in the hands and infinite power of the wearer to truly weave their own story.

Never really just the stamp of a label, the label is ‘you’. You become the brand. Even generationally, the grandmother wears it a certain way, and the granddaughter has the power to transform it into her own story. At The Indian Textiles Co., you are the brand.