Dress Code: Banarasi

A saree once can make one’s own.

The unique ability and magic of a saree to become truly the wearer’s narrative. Each one can be traditional and familiar, it is in the hands and infinite power of the wearer to truly weave their own story with a saree, whether in terms of colours, draping style, accessorising, et al. Never really just the stamp of a label.

The label is ‘you’. You become the brand. Even generationally, the grandmother wears it a certain way, and the granddaughter has the power to transform it into her own story.

One is never too young or too old to wear a saree. It’s so much more than a garment, and surely far beyond a simple fashion statement.

It includes, transcends, encompasses and unites generations, every part of the nation, cultures, linguistic barriers, social backgrounds and lifestyle, organisational hierarchies, and personas.

Whether she is a pearl and chiffon-clad elegance, or a red and white traditionalist, or a white and gold-dressed bride. Every region and occasion has been touched by occasions.

An Indian bride’s trousseau is incomplete without a Benarasi (or ten!). She is resplendent in her preferred weaves, spoiled by wondrous options.

There’s an evocation, an invocation, and primal memory for every Indian’s femininity and is a feast to wear and a delight to an observer.

An answer to a search. The six-metre tale of a nation, a culture and a civilisation, the saree is sisterhood itself, sharing secrets, stories and sagas, wrapped within its folds, echoing across time. Each time one wears a Benarasi, perhaps that’s where the magic lies.

You make it your own, though on the other hand, you become an important link in a centuries old tradition, and each time any one of us drapes a saree or wears the fabric, you connect with a expansive, layers of history of Benaras and everything she stands for to the world -

timelessness, reverence to traditions, a culture, and relationships, revolving around life in a primal, exploring and innovating down the country, returning to its roots over hundreds of years. With its grounding aesthetics, it allows for new wings to fly.

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